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Step 1

Pre-Application Consultation & Due-Diligence

Before you begin the application process, we provide you with a free consultation to ascertain the best investment option for you. At this stage, we conduct a free due diligence assessment to ensure that you are eligible to apply for St. Lucian Citizenship.

Step 2

Application Compilation & Submission 

After you have decided on the best citizenship route and we believe that you are eligible for St. Lucian Citizenship, we shall guide you through the collation of documents and ensure that you submit the best possible application. You shall receive a decision within 90 days of receipt of the completed application. However, applications are often processed in as little as 50 days.

Step 3

Government Due Diligence

Upon receipt of your completed application, the Citizenship by Investment Unit shall conduct its own internal due diligence process. This process includes verification and vetting of the file followed by due diligence checks on all applicants over 16 from both local law enforcement and external third-party due diligence firms. Once the due diligence checks are complete a decision is made. We shall provide you with any updates upon receipt. 

Step 4

Success & Investment

Once we receive notice that your application is successful, any outstanding fees must be paid within 60 days and the qualifying investment made within 90 days.

Step 5

Citizenship & Passport

Once all outstanding fees are paid and cleared by the bank, the Unit will issue a Certificate of Citizenship. You are now a St. Lucian Citizen.

Polaris will then apply for your passport. This shall take approximately 2 to 4 weeks after issuance of the certificate of citizenship. Once in hand, we shall make arrangements to have your passport delivered to you.

Step 6

Enjoy Paradise

As a St. Lucian citizen you are free to enjoy all which the island has to offer and we remain available to assist you with any further needs which you may have as a member of the Polaris Alumni.

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