Keith Isaac

Keith Isaac Chief Operating Officer

Keith is the Chief Operations Officer of Polaris Citizenship & Investment Consultancy Services. He is a United Kingdom trained and qualified attorney-at-law and an associate at Floissac, Du Boulay & Thomas. Keith possesses considerable experience and acumen in the field of Investment Migration; having personally assisted clients from over thirty countries obtain citizenship via St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. He has contributed to several publications including Newsweek and the Investment Migration Yearbook, and holds a Certification in Investment Migration from the Investment Migration Council.

As an associate at Floissac, Du Boulay & Thomas, Keith serves in the Property and Corporate Departments and has a strong interest in the commercial, company and real estate facets of legal practice. He is the corporate secretary for one of Saint Lucia’s largest group of companies and is a candidate member of the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada. 

The ethos of Keith’s practice is the satisfaction of clientele, maximization of efficiency, adherence to ethical principles and sustainment of excellence in all matters.

He is a member of the Investment Migration Council, a five-time National Youth Parliamentarian, former Saint Lucia Junior Minister for Tourism and has represented Saint Lucia as a public speaker and debater.