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Why St Lucia?

Why Become a Saint Lucian?

Becoming a St. Lucian citizen opens a door to more than the cultural and scenic paradise that is St. Lucia:

Why St Lucia

Travel Paradise

St. Lucian Passport holders benefit from visa-free travel to 146 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, most of Europe and the entire Schengen Zone.


Tax Paradise

St. Lucian citizens are not subject to taxation on worldwide income, capital gains or inheritance.


Business Paradise

St. Lucia is ranked 2nd in the Caribbean for ease of conducting business. Polaris Economic Citizens have the opportunity to invest in the island and gain substantial return on investment.


Process Paradise

All application submissions are handled by Polaris and citizenship can be obtained without stepping foot in St. Lucia.


Price Paradise

St. Lucian Citizenship may be obtained from an investment of as little as USD $100,000 making St. Lucia the most competitively priced citizenship worldwide.


Investment Choice

St. Lucia’s CIP Program boasts four avenues for obtaining Economic Citizenship; making it one of the most diverse offerings worldwide.

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